It’s probably been a decade since I last drew something. This is one of the first drawings that I produced lately. Anatomy isn’t quite correct, but even though I had no practice in the last years it turned out better than what I drew back then.

Flyer I “designed” for a sort of competition of an ethnographic film festival.

Didn’t get selected as the flyer for their next event, but I wasn’t and am still not that satisfied with it anyway. Due to lack of time, I had only started working on it the day it was supposed to be submitted and therefore it’s just improvised - I had something slightly different in mind (which was hindered by the fact, that people didn’t want to be photographed). Too many things that bother me, which could’ve been better if I had started earlier…

If the guy in the photo should see this: Thank you for being the only person to have let me take a shot!

A hand to help.

Double exposure of myself again. Not entirely satisfied with the way my head is framed in the hand, but oh well… it’s just slightly off.

Double exposure of myself.

Had to tweek the exposure of the scan in Lightroom a little bit because I miscalculated it during the shot… well, still learning.